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Are You Properly Disposing of Your Sensitive Business Data?

Identity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in America. Organizations of all sizes and types have become especially prime targets because of the volume of sensitive information they tend to manage. Many businesses attempt to handle the disposal of confidential material internally. However few have the necessary resources for properly destroying sensitive documents and backup media.

Any exposure of confidential data for which your company is responsible for may result in the following consequences:

  • legal and/or civil proceedings
  • loss of clients
  • negative public relations
  • data breach disclosure costs

Virginia's shredding and destruction resource

Security Business Archives provides your business with a secure, professional document shredding and destruction solution. The following services minimize the risk of potential data breaches and ensure regulatory compliance for your organization:

  • shred container rotation
  • one time purge and destruction
  • final deposition of archival records

Upon the completion of each shredding and destruction process, you are provided with a Certificate of Destruction. Security Business Archives' shredding and destruction service options offer a secure and reliable solution for the secure disposal of business asset which may include:

  • confidential business records
  • medical files
  • proprietary and trademarked information
  • inventory items
  • backup tapes and hard drives

Customized document shredding solutions

Each business has unique shredding needs. Security Business Archives provides you with a cost free, no obligation to determine your business' disposal requirements. Our document shredding services provide a convenient and controlled method for both one time purges and scheduled disposals of your business documents and files. Based on an assessment of your unique business shredding needs, Security Business Archives will strategically place shred collection containers within your office, eliminating the risks associated with:

  • office shredding machines
  • lack of administrative resources
  • lazy tosses of confidential documents into trash receptacles

Our locked shredding containers come in a variety of sizes including:

  • office consoles
  • 65 gallon bins
  • 95 gallon bins

With each, there's no need to remove paper clips, staples, sticky notes or rubber bins. Whole files can be inserted into our shredding containers, saving you valuable time and unnecessary stress.

Once your shred containers are filled, a Security Business Archives team member will empty the material to be shredded and transport it to our plant based shredding facility. We exercise a strict chain of custody during each phase of the shredding process and utilize the following systems to ensure complete privacy protection:

  • digital video surveillance
  • alarmed and GPS tracked vehicles
  • uniformed, easily identifiable shredding professionals

A complete destruction solution for your backup media

Your backup media assets are equally at risk by theft or corporate espionage. In fact, they may pose an even greater risk due to the sheer volume of confidential data a single backup tape or hard drive may contain. Even recently erased or deleted files may still contain a traceable footprint of electronic data that can be misused.

Our media and hard drive destruction services enable you to securely dispose of your digital media storage devices in the most secure and reliable manner. We provide a destructions solution that completely eliminates sensitive data stored on the following formats:

  • hard drives
  • magnetic and optical media
  • floppy discs
  • thumb drives and USB storage devices

Security Business allows your business to maintain compliance with the following privacy protection regulations:

  • GLB

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