Offsite Media Vaulting

How are you Protecting your Backup Media Assets?

The overall health of your business is highly dependent on how easily you can access your critical data. Unfortunately, numerous threats pose a risk to your business information. In addition to natural disasters, the theft of confidential corporate data can render your business inoperable. Given the volume of information that can be stored on a single hard drive or backup tape, it's worth considering how you protect your business data.

Minimizing the risk of data loss

Security Business Archives minimizes the risk of your sensitive data being stolen or compromised by providing professional data protection solutions. Our offsite data storage facility provides a secure repository for your all of your backup assets including:

  • DLT and LTO tapes
  • Optical media
  • Digital film
  • Hard drives and portable storage devices

Comprehensive inventory tracking and management ensure accurate rotation and timely retrieval and delivery to support all of your backup and recovery processes.

Ensuring long term preservation of your business data

Equally as important as backing up your data is how that data is stored and managed. Magnetic and optical backup media are especially vulnerable to environmental conditions. The slightest temperature and humidity fluctuations can render data corrupted or irretrievable. Similarly, magnetic interference can completely erase digital data contained on backup storage devices. Thus, in the event of a data loss, even your most well thought out recovery plans may all be for nothing.

Virginia and Metro D.C.'s most secure offsite data protection facility

As a result, it's important to store your backup media in a dedicated media vault environment. Security Business Archives' Firelock vault is designed and engineered for optimal data protection and media preservation, offering the following features:

  • Class 125, 4 hour fire protection rating
  • internal vapor barrier and magnetic shielding
  • zone four seismic data protection
  • Novec1230
  • digital surveillance monitoring
  • dedicated environmental controls

We offer both container and slotted storage to meet our clients' specific data protection and tape rotation needs. Gemtrac high density media storage units provide protection from light and dust pollution while also facilitating expedient access and retrieval. Our secure offsite data storage facility is compliant with ANSI, ASTM and NFPA standards.

Technology for better control of your backup media

Security Business Archives' media vault is managed with the most comprehensive tape inventory software available - TapeTrack. This robust technology enables us to precisely store and slot your media as well as retrieve the tape volumes you need in the quickest way possible. Additionally, it integrates with your tape management system (TMS) for seamless real time tracking and rotation management. TapeTrack offers the following benefits:

  • electronic transfer of pick lists
  • tape movement audit trails
  • automated rotation scheduling
  • voice interface technology

Whether your business experiences an unexpected data loss or is simply testing the integrity of your disaster recovery protocols, Security Business Archives makes sure that you get precisely the data you need.

To find out more about our media vaulting and data protection services, please contact us by phone or fill in the form on this page.

Climate Controlled Secure Vault
Security Business Archives is the only off-site data storage facility in Virginia with a FireLock vault.

Offsite Media Vault Benefits

  • Class 125, 4 hour fire protection rating
  • internal vapor barrier and magnetic shielding
  • zone four seismic data protection
  • environmentally friendly fire suppression

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